RE:MIND meditation

Why We Exist

Welcome to RE:MIND

No good thing comes from a place of stress, but that’s where you live most of the time. You want to rise up to the expectations you have, not fall back on old patterns and habits. You want to be more representative of the person you want to be.

You know you need to do something different to reach your goals, and you’ve heard that meditation could help in a way that wine and pizza (or bourbon, beer and burgers if that’s more your taste) have never been able to. But the idea of starting or reintroducing a practice stresses you out even more. You’ve got a packed schedule, and not a lot of time to spare.

But somethings got to change. You not only want, but need to be less distracted and reactive; more energetic, and focused; more creative, and spiritually connected. And you really need to sleep through the night.

Introducing the Lucia N°03 meditation experience. It provides the benefits of a meditation practice at a quickened pace. That means increased focus on the present moment, less reactivity, more clarity, a deeper connection with yourself and others, and a better nights sleep, all in a drastically shorter timeframe than a regular meditation practice provides.

You can turn your worry into curiosity, tame your reactive mind, and experience more clarity and creativity. The Lucia N°03 meditation experience can help you do it. Click here to learn more.