Private Light Session

Session Includes

Light Therapy

Helps to guide and hold you through a hypnagogic state (between wakefulness and sleep). Experience feelings of deep relaxation, introspection while exploring meditative states.

Session Duration – 60min

Private Session

Feel comfortable in a one-on-one private session environment. Private sessions ensure that your experience is one of a kind and matched to your mood.

Sessions Limited to Individuals

Ambient Music

Music has been shown to be a perfect match for light meditation. Ease into a deep meditative or a flow state with music and your light session programs.

Music Matched With Meditation

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The Benefits of Light Therapy

• deep relaxation
• time and spacelessness
• slowing down
• better nights rest
• increased awareness
• deep emotions and strong feelings of happiness
• more clarity, creativity and overall sense of calmness
• emersion in worlds of colours, patterns and wild beauty
• increased learning capacity and performance
• awareness detached from the body
• spiritual experiences
• deep nervous system relaxation for true physical healing


What People Are Saying

"It's like being overwhelmed with relaxation."

"It's light meditation + I loved it. It's hard to describe...calm, beautiful + wild. I saw color, shapes and sometimes nothing. When I left I felt so peaceful."

"I can't believe people will go their entire adult life without trying the light. Not only is it beautiful and indescribable, you feel like you truly disconnect and deeply rest. Give your mind this gift and experience, you won't regret it."

"I feel like I saw all the threads of life and its infinite possibilities."

"I felt like a connection between my mind and my heart opened up."

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