Light Therapy

RE:MIND meditation offers a different type of meditation experience and below you can find a few different ways to get yourself under the Light.

Private Light Session

A full 1-hour light meditation session with guided programs. Includes up to 45 minutes of direct light programs showcasing distinctive experiences from each session.

Demo Session


Your chance to experience light meditation for the first time. We guide you through three demo programs allowing you to find your perfect light meditation balancing point.

*Can only be booked once. Limited to one per individual.


Five for Four

Package of 5 for 4

Our best deal yet! Buy a package of 4 sessions at regular price and get your 5th for free!

*Book as much as your want!

intro package

2 Sessions $150 – 25% Off

Looking for a deal or perfect to share light meditaion experience with a friend.

*Can only be booked once. Limited to one per individual.


What People Are Saying

"I felt like a connection between my mind and my heart opened up."

"It's like being overwhelmed with relaxation."

"It's light meditation + I loved it. It's hard to describe...calm, beautiful + wild. I saw color, shapes and sometimes nothing. When I left I felt so peaceful."

"I can't believe people will go their entire adult life without trying the light. Not only is it beautiful and indescribable, you feel like you truly disconnect and deeply rest. Give your mind this gift and experience, you won't regret it."

"I feel like I saw all the threads of life and its infinite possibilities."

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Complimentary Demo Session