April is Daffodil month (Read more here: https://bit.ly/2uZnQlA) and, in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about how I got into Lucia Light meditation while battling late-stage colon cancer.

Back in late October 2013, my life took an unexpected turn.  Just two weeks shy of celebrating my first wedding anniversary I found out I was pregnant. My husband Dallas and I were elated. A few days later, on Sunday I experienced some gas that landed me in the ER, and I found myself having a flex sigmoidoscopy. It showed a tumour about 8 inches up my rectum. Fast-forward a few weeks to when I received the call from my doctor letting me know I did have Colon cancer.


The call changed everything. 


I couldn’t believe it. I did the usual treatment of surgery and 12 rounds of chemotherapy over about six months. Once the chemo ended the nerve damage started and, that’s when life seemed to be more challenging. Next, I found myself sitting in my doctor’s office pretty much begging for help. It felt as if I had only then realized I had cancer and all the emotions and feelings that came with it showed up all at once. I needed to talk to someone.

I started to see a psychiatrist regularly, and after a few months of weekly appointments, he suggested that I try meditation. So what did I do? Turned to Google and searched meditation, and as the internet tends to do, I found myself nine layers deep in discovery. Somehow stumbled on an article on Vice about Lucia Light meditation. After reading it, I realized I heard about the light from my best friend about a year previous. She mentioned that her mom had a meditation light that I should try. She claimed it would be just like doing mushrooms.

At first, I pooh-poohed the idea because frankly, my girlfriend had never done mushrooms so I found it hard to believe that you could have the same effect from a light. But, the Vice article seemed to say otherwise. I immediately forwarded the article to my friend to ask if this was the same light she mentioned a year earlier. Low and behold it was. I said sign me up, and I was there that afternoon.


Lucia Light meditation blew my mind.


I didn’t understand how I saw so many beautiful colours and patterns and shapes. How can this be? Lucia light meditation uses only white light. The colours I saw, I’d never experienced before. It was pure beauty with an overwhelming sense of calm. Precisely what I had been searching for. Relief. It helped me to release myself from what I was experiencing, and I couldn’t believe it.

Immediately I signed up to come back the following week. I was going through so much, and the hour I spent with Lucia light meditation was a way to get outside of myself. A way to temporarily forget my health issues, my emotional issues and my mental situation. It was like going on a mini vacation where there was nothing wrong;  No problems. It blew my mind, and it activated something inside of me that had been missing. At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I soon realized it brought back a sense of wonder. Click here to try a demo and stay tuned for part 2 in a few days.