Welcome back to part 2 of Lucia Light Meditation and my journey with late stage cancer. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you can find it here


Quickly, I started to see significant changes after just a few weeks under the Light. I began to notice my thoughts more and then I began to notice me noticing my thoughts. I started to feel like I had a bit of a superpower. It’s as if I was more in charge of choosing how I responded to a situation. I began to notice how a lot of the thoughts in my brain we’re really freaking shitty. I was also experiencing awful night sweats, and, at the time I was convinced I was peri-menopausal. My psychiatrist though did not agree and, to be honest, all my test results said I was healthy as can be. But still, I refused to believe that it was all in my head.


Every night I would wake up between 3 to 4 times dripping with sweat. Most nights I’d have at least one shower and switch to our second bedroom. I mean how could I be doing this to myself? Anyway, after about six weeks of using Lucia Light meditation, I realized my night sweats were almost non-existent. I started to dig even further into meditation and what I discovered about how our brain works, how we respond to stress and our nervous system, really opened up my eyes to what was going on inside of me.


My body was trying to process what I had just been through


My body was trying to process what I had just been through except I was hell-bent against letting it. I tried to convinced myself that I was fine, but I was so very wrong. I was holding on to so much trauma in my body that I just couldn’t take any more. The light helped me to release some of that trauma. It helped me to understand that I was safe. It showed me how the process of sitting with feelings over pushing them down could genuinely take away a lot of the fear surrounding them.


During challenging times. meditation can be quite helpful.


This is not to say that Lucia Light meditation is the answer to everything, but during challenging times like cancer, it can be so helpful. Having a direct link to calm the mind and the nervous system can support the journey through illness and make it that much more tolerable. Whatever you’re dealing with, please know that you are not going through this alone and if you’d like to book an appointment for yourself, click here.