It seems like everywhere we turn a new health trend pops up. The newest and the latest, the most advanced, you need to try fab comes at us like a bull in a china shop. With so much information coming at us from all directions it can be hard to differentiate the facts from the BS. Lucky for you, that’s not what we’re talking about in this post. Instead, I want to talk about two treatments that have been in use for a very long time. Albeit, in different ways, but tried and tested nonetheless. Light. Light therapy versus Light meditation.


So what is light therapy?


So what is light therapy? Light therapy, is a treatment that involves exposure to a lamp that resembles sunlight to improve your mood. The treatment asks you to sit in front of a light box for roughly 20 minutes to an hour at a time. Every day and usually first thing in the morning. Light therapy effects the chemicals in the brain that are linked to mood and sleep. This can help in easing SAD (seasonal affective disorder) symptoms. With shorter days during the fall and winter months, it thought that about 15% of people suffer from SAD.


One of the best things about light box therapy is the fact that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. They can range in price from $34.95 all the way $695.00. It’s also important to consider a few things when looking into buying one. The intensity of the light is vital—specialists typically recommend 10,000 lux to treat Seasonal affective disorder. And you’ll most definitely want to make sure that the light filters out UV rays, which can be harmful to your eyes.


So this brings us to the Light meditation portion of this blog post, the Lucia N°03 hypnogogic light machine. This is the device that RE:MIND uses with our clients. The main difference you’ll find between light therapy and light meditation is the state of mind you can enter while under the Licia N°03.


We are so overworked and overstimulated


We are so overworked and overstimulated that when we lay down to sleep, our brain is unable to do its job. The brain has the responsibility of filing away our memories and discarding information that is of no use to us. Sleep serves to re-energize the body’s cells, clear waste from the brain, and support learning and memory. So you can imagine why we’re feeling the way we do. Most of us, when we sleep aren’t able to get that deep rest we need. We are so overwhelmed that our brain literally can’t do its job correctly. It gets back up and blocked up.


The Lucia N°03 Light uses a combination of flickering and solid pure white light that pulls the user into a type of deep meditation. Your brain waves slow and your nervous system begins to relax. Something we can all use more of these days. In fact, it could be argued that meditation has more benefits than sleep itself. Obviously, I’m not suggesting you give up the head pillow for a meditation pillow, but I am hinting that you might want to consider incorporating it into your routine. I realize that meditation can seem daunting and tedious, but it doesn’t have to be.


The Lucia N°03 Light can help you access that deep state of nervous system relaxation every single time you use it. It can give you the rest your body and mind has been craving. You’ll start to think clearer, understand your behaviours more and ultimately be better at life. We don’t practice meditation to be good at meditation, we practice it to be better at life.


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