Selftalk plays an important role in how we view life. In November 2014, about a week after I found out I had cancer, I went to Whistler for a few days.


While in Whistler, I decided to get a tattoo. I’d been thinking about it for a bit but just hadn’t done it. It was the two words I AM. I remember telling my friend Desiree about it while we were in Kelowna the previous summer. As a reminder to be what I needed to be at that moment. I am, for whatever moment, needed a little encouragement. Since then, I’ve been playing fill in the blank every time I look down at the inside of my wrist. 


I’ve done a lot of mental health work over the last five years, especially regarding my selftalk. And, even though I didn’t know it then, that tattoo was part of the process. When I look back now, I think deep down, I always knew what I needed, but I hadn’t taken the time to listen. I didn’t know what I believed or valued. My thoughts were moving so fast in my mind that life felt like a blur — one giant reaction to what was going on around me. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was.


Selftalk plays an important role in how we view life.


So, I started to figure out what I believed about myself and then I got up close and personal with my selftalk. Which brings me back to my tattoo, I AM. It played a big part in my mindset shift. 


I mention this because now that I’m almost six years out from cancer, I’m able to look back and piece things together better and I AM Capable played a big part in the selftalk I needed at that moment. 


That’s where my selftalk started. I am capable. By replaying it over and over in my mind. When I was in the beginning stages of cancer, I repeated I am capable. When I went through IVF, I was capable. During surgery and chemo, I was capable. During the nerve damage I said over and over, I am capable, you can handle this. I told myself I was, and then I started to believe It


Look, I don’t know what you’re capable of, but I ask you to keep turning towards the sun every day to figure it out. I’ve been so far on the other side of things, and I’ve turned it all around. You can too. And, if you choose to make the shift, if you decide to look inside yourself, I guarantee it will be the adventure of a lifetime. You can start here by booking a session under the light.