What exactly is the Lucia Light N03?

The Lucia light N03 is a lamp that uses solid and flashing white light to pull you into a relaxed state. That’s it in a nutshell. The Lucia Light N03 stimulates your brain in such a way that your nervous system starts to relax. When this happens, deep rest begins to take place within the body. 

The Lucia Light N03 will hold you in the state between wakefulness and sleep, and it’s in that space we can find a gateway to creativity, healing and understanding. When we give our nervous system time to unwind at a deep internal level, it allows us to be more present and available in our everyday lives.  

During the onset of sleep, there is this small window of opportunity called Hypnagogia. A semi-lucid state when we start to dream before we fall completely unconscious. The Lucia Light N03 holds you in a hypnagogic state. And, science now shows that when you spend time in that space, it is profoundly restful to the nervous system. You’re literally relaxing it. 


So, what does this mean for you?


It means that when you find yourself in times of heightened stress or anxiety, it can be a sign that our nervous system is overwhelmed, and we need a little extra TLC. As humans, we spend so much time in our heads, and we’re not even aware we’re doing it a lot of the time. All-day, all that thinking combined with the brain’s general job of keeping you alive leaves your mind extremely busy. Plus, heap on social media, relational navigations and a host of other things, our brains are overworked. Sometimes, this can affect our sleep. Because we are overstimulated, we don’t spend enough time in our sleep cycles to completely process what we’ve been dealing with while conscious. 

We used to live in a world where we had these mini mind breaks sprinkled throughout our day. Now, it feels like the opposite. Gone are the days of staring off into space as we wait for our coffee or ride the escalator. We need more downtime than we think, and the Lucia Light N03 gives you that little bit extra you’re seeking. 


The Lucia Light N03 gives you those moments back.


It helps guide you inward and show the piece of mind that comes along when you’re better able to focus your attention.  To book your first session click here.