Lucia NO3 Light, what’s it like?


The Lucia NO3 is a meditation light that offers the benefits of deep meditation at a quickened pace. The Light stimulates the brain in a way to stimulate deep relaxation. The Light holds you in the state within wakefulness and sleep. Those moments between waking up and sleeping are so so powerful. By accessing these expanded states of consciousness, the Lucia NO3 Light helps to facilitate nervous system relaxation on a deeper level. It enables you to relax your body so that you’re better able to handle what you’re feeling. When we experience and observe our feelings from a calmer self, we choose how we respond and move further away from reaction. 

During the onset of sleep, there is a small window of opportunity called Hypnagogia. A semi-lucid state is when we start to dream before we fall entirely unconscious. The Lucia NO3 holds you in that state. And, science now shows that when you spend time in that space, it’s profoundly restful for the nervous system. You’re literally relaxing it.


How does the Lucia NO3 do this?


The Lucia NO3 Light is, in a way, a form of guided meditation; however, probably not in the way you think. Using a combination of solid and flickering white Light, the Lucia NO3 pulls the user into an altered state of consciousness. Then, with the eyes closed, the Light travels in through the retina, the non-seeing part of the eye, and moves down the optical nerve stimulating the brain in such a way to produce mind-activating hormones.  

When the brain is presented with Light, the electrical activity changes to stimulate the pineal gland. The Lucia Light experience produces hormones that have a significant influence on the circadian rhythm. Based on years of research, Lucia Light allows for a flow state experience that is often seen only under extreme conditions such as high-performance sport or with the use of substances; consequently, it promotes the same positive effects.


The Lucia NO3 Light is a  unique experience that is both visually beautiful and profoundly restful at the same time. 


As white Light has every colour of the spectrum, the Light is displayed back to you in unique colours and patterns. The Light has a way of pulling you into the present moment allowing for thoughts to flow with less judgement. So often, it’s not what we think that’s the problem, but the pattern of thinking itself. Recognizing when we fall into this habitual way of thinking gives us the power to stop it before it spirals in the wrong direction. Plus, with a relaxed and clear mind, we can see the same experience from a different angle, increasing our understanding and problem-solving capacity. 

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. The Lucia NO3 Light can help. Learn more here.