Lucia Light Therapy provides the benefits of a meditation practice at a quickened pace. The Lucia N03 uses a combination of solid and flashing white light to pull you into a state of deep relaxation. That means an increased focus on the present moment resulting in less reactivity and more clarity with you’re emotions.  As a result, it leads to a deeper connection with yourself and others. Oh, and a better night’s sleep!

What is the Lucia N03?


The Lucia N03 is a hypnogogic light that holds you in the state between wakefulness and sleep.

The Lucia N°03 is the most advanced light treatment tool available. Developed in Austria by Dr. Englebert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl the Lucia N03 offers unrivalled performance and quality.


How does Lucia Light Therapy work?


The Lucia N°03 uses solid & flashing light that enters through the retina.  It travels down the optical nerve and stimulates the pineal gland. As you progress deeper into the experience, neural networks and chemicals are triggered. As a result, your body fully relaxes, and your unconscious world awakens. The Lucia N°03 employs a wide spectrum of solid light as well as LED flashing at various frequencies. The brain shifts from beta to alpha and you begin to relax. This results in less stress, reduced anxiety, more creativity, less reactivity and feelings of joy.


What are the benefits of using the Lucia N03 Light Therapy?


The Lucia light can help to healthfully assist in slowing down your heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and soothing other sympathetic nervous system fight or flight functions. Plus, when the body calms the breathing shifts. Taking deep breaths with our belly turns out to be an incredibly useful searchlight when you’ve lost awareness. Plus, the Lucia light assists in lowering baseline stress levels.


The Lucia N°03 offers the advantages of deep meditation by assisting in accessing an expanded state of consciousness. The light stimulates temporary brain wave patterns that are usually associated with long-term meditators. In addition, this light facilitates access to theta and alpha brain states linked to intuition, and higher concentration levels.


Who can benefit from using Lucia Light Therapy?


The ability to notice what you’re feeling and respond in a way the fits the current situation benefits everyone. Individuals experiencing higher levels of stress than normal often see a noticeable difference after just one session.

Athletes who rely on extra recovery on heavy training weeks have also seen advantages. When a heavy load is placed on the body, stress increases. Relaxing the body and releasing muscle tension go a long way in setting up your training for success.

Above all and most importantly, the light can help improve your sleep quality. When we are overstimulated and overworked sleep can be elusive. The light has been shown to have major effects on the user’s circadian rhythm.

Let’s face it, the last 18 months have been one for the books! The change has been fast and furious. We levelled up overnight. Operating from a calmer internal state helps us respond in a way that matches what we care about and value. Living in the present instead of being pulled by the emotions of the past.

In conclusion, Lucia light therapy is not a medical treatment or therapeutic device. Rather, it views consciousness as a state of wellbeing. This state is always available when not blurred by distraction and intrusive thoughts. Book your demo here.

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