Lucia light reviews never cease to amaze me. Session after session I’m blown away by the words people share with me about the Lucia light meditation experience. So, I’m sharing a few snippets from the  Lucia light reviews I’ve received in the past year with you.


A Few Lucia Light Reviews For You


What changes, if any, did you notice?


“I deal with adhd, chronic pain and anxiety and I was able to fully release my muscles and body into a full state of relaxation. A lot of the time my mind does not quiet, I found that I was having little to no thoughts while under the light. I was able to fully focus on my breath and body in a way that usually isn’t accessible to me. From the chronic pain, I have to usually make adjustments to my body & crack and move a lot, I didn’t move at all or feel the urge to while under!” 

– Aesha Y.


“I noticed my ability to handle stress became better. That day driving home things didn’t bother me as much and during the work week I felt better prepared to handle stress. It was almost like I could let things roll off my back. I also noticed immediately after when I was speaking with Jaylee it was easier to just be present and listen. I didn’t have thoughts flying all through my head.”

– Pam A.


Right away I felt calmer and have slept better the last two nights.  I also feel lighter and more focused.

– Jaime W-Y.


“My sleep quality was impeccable, I felt so calm, relaxed and peaceful.”

– Chelsea F.


“I felt a sense of calm and like the awareness of the space around my head had opened up just a bit.”

– David A.



What about Lucia Light Meditation surprised you the most?


“It altered my state so I was more in control. I had recently been diagnosed with cancer and I felt powerless. The light transformed my thought process and gave me power to fight. It calmed my nerves and made me in a relaxed state when I left. It was a turning point in my battle to fight cancer.”

– Jessica D.


When I left the session. I noticed the birds singing outside. Like really noticed them, almost as if the volume had been turned up. The colours were brighter I was more present and able to notice these things. Something I wasn’t expecting at all!

– Richard B.


Is there anything else you like to add?


I really came into the experience with zero expectations- I didn’t know anything about it. I love the practice of mindfulness and meditation so I was keen to see how it would feel. It is such a unique experience – it’s incredibly fascinating! Then you add all of these health benefits on top of it and I’m astonished how this has not blown up everywhere yet. 20/10 recommend to let your mind at ease, unleash your creativity and feel rejuvenated.

– Chelsea F.

What did I tell ya? The Lucia light reviews really are something else.

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