If you’re just learning how to feel your body, Lucia light therapy Vancouver might be able to help. When you’ve spent most of your life living outside of yourself learning to feel your body may be an uncomfortable thing. I struggled for most of my life with body image issues and different forms of disordered eating. It was a way to cope with what was going on outside and around me combined with the chaos I felt inside. And, since I grew up hating my body, I spent most of my life until the age of 33 desperately trying to change it. It was not a safe place to be.


The body is home to our personal collection of events.


Even if you don’t realize it, the body is home to so many thoughts and narratives…our own personal collection. The stories we tell ourselves are woven into the fabric of our nervous system. Every thought we have whether we’re aware of it or not has a physical reaction in the body.

We are shaped by our nervous systems programming and it affects how we perceive and experience the environment around us. When we perceive a threat, the nervous system jumps in and protects us. It’s an involuntary action, you don’t consciously control it. Most of the time you’re not even aware of the perceived threat. But, you go from 0 – 60 in 1.6 seconds. It’s overwhelming and for some, it’s extremely scary. Please know that it’s normal and it’s a sign of strength.


In the realm of somatic experience, this knowledge gives us a powerful tool.


In other words, we can learn to work with the body to change how we feel and think about things. We have the power to direct our focus and attention and assign meaning. This is why I love working with people interested in integrating mindfulness into their lives…to develop a deeper relationship with their body and understand how the mind and body are connected.


Lucia Light Therapy Vancouver offers deep nervous system relaxation at a more profound level.


The whole point of mindfulness is to become aware of what’s happening at the moment without judgement. That includes what might be going on inside of our bodies. Being able to bear witness to the physical sensations while grounding yourself in the present is a skill that can be learned. With this in mind, Lucia Light Therapy Vancouver provides a safe space to practice this body awareness. You can book your free demo here.