What is Lucia Light?


What is Lucia Light, you ask? The Lucia Light is a meditation light that offers the benefits of deep relaxation. You can relax your body so that when shit hits the fan you cope better. 


Under the Lucia Light, the brain is stimulated at an accelerated pace. Through a shift in brain states, you’re able to experience expanded consciousness without the use of substances. It’s unlike other forms of meditation but still yields the same results of calming the mind and body. 



So, just what is Lucia Light?



It’s like guided meditation in some ways, but not in the way you think. With a combination of flickering and solid white light, the Lucia NO3 induces a state of altered consciousness. The Light then moves down the optical nerve, where it stimulates the brain in a way that produces mind-activating hormones.

As Light is presented to the brain, the pineal gland’s electrical activity changes. When exposed to Lucia Light, hormones are produced that significantly impact the circadian rhythm. Years of research have shown that Lucia Light promotes the same positive effects as high-performance sports and substances, and therefore, it can facilitate the same flow state.

The Lucia Light invites you to enter an immersive meditation. As it flickers and illuminates, the brain waves shift in response for increased states of awareness, allowing for harmony between the mind and body. With Lucia N°03, every session is unique. A kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, and patterns takes place right before your closed eyes. Through this beautiful visual journey, your body starts to relax and let go. Relaxing and resetting our nervous systems allows us to reconnect with ourselves. Lucia N°03 helps you connect with your true self and figure out what matters most to you. 



Curious to give it a go?



The Lucia Light can be felt on both the physical and emotional levels. By relaxing the nervous system, the light guides the body to a place of peace. When you operate from a calmer state, you’re better able to handle what life throws at you without feeling stressed out about it all coming crashing down.

In the beginning, it’s all about letting go. Release any fears, expectations or thoughts and allow the light in. As each session is unique to the user and most find they get exactly what they need from the light. Whether it is rest, creativity or just a colourful trip, the journey is from within. Plus, your breath is always there for you if it gets intense, or if your mind wanders.

RE:MIND meditation offers a complimentary demo as we believe in the value of understanding how the light can work for you and how you can incorporate it into your life. What is Lucia Light? Find out by booking your demo here.