Lucia Light N03 Meditation allows you to enjoy the benefits of meditation at a faster pace. These benefits can include less reactivity, greater clarity regarding your feelings, and a deeper connection with yourself and others. Oh, and a better night’s sleep, too!

Many people are familiar with the benefits of meditation and have heard popular mantras like, “It’s not what you think, it’s just paying attention” or “Meditation isn’t about making your mind totally blank; it’s about being in the present moment.” And that’s somewhat true, but also kinda isn’t because it’s so much more.

People, on average, have between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts in a 24 hour period. So thinking you can just close your eyes and magically go blank is a direct line to frustration. Moreover, you’ll give up before you’ve even begun. Plus, asking your brain to stop thinking is equivalent to asking your heart to stop beating. It’s just not gonna happen. 

However, after a few sessions with the Lucia Light, many reported noticing their thoughts. Furthermore, many people have reported not only noticing their thoughts but noticing themselves noticing them. Then, noticing their feelings of surprise about said thoughts. That right there is an opportunity for change or growth or whatever. It’s doesn’t matter what you call it; all that counts is that you’re able to notice what’s not working and take a step in a direction that better serves you and who you are.


Lucia Light Meditation gives us the space to change and the freedom to choose how it happens. 


However, some individuals don’t see the point of meditation when they know they could be engaged in something like watching a movie or reading a book. They haven’t yet found the value of stillness. And that’s totally ok because I completely relate. I didn’t understand how sitting in silence doing “nothing” could shed some insight into some rather complicated issues. But it does. Meditation gives us the space to change and the freedom to choose how it happens. 

Trying to get into a meditative mindset can be difficult. Still, the Lucia Light provides an easy solution for those who want the benefits of a meditation practice without needing to spend hours sitting still—it accelerates the process.


In as little as eight minutes! 


The Lucia Light N03 uses light technology to help you reach deep relaxation states faster than traditional meditation techniques—in as little as eight minutes! The device combines solid and flashing white light at varying degrees of brightness to pull the user into a deeply relaxed state.

Created by psychologist and neurologist Dr. Englebert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl, the Lucia Light N03 is the world’s most advanced light meditation device. The Lucia N°03 offers unmatched performance and quality that you can’t find anywhere else. The result? You have an easier time getting into deeper states of consciousness that are associated with improved mental health and performance. 

The Lucia Light will not erase all your problems instantly, but it will help you recognize some of the things holding you back. It will show you how to recognize when you’ve become distracted. It will help you develop your ability to focus. As a result, you can pay more attention to what matters most. 

And, who doesn’t want that? RE:MIND meditation can help.