Welcome to the intriguing world of non sleep deep rest protocols, where recharging and resetting your mind and body isn’t a secret anymore. In this article, I’ll explore the science behind this lesser-known rest form and how you can do it too, and my personal journey to discover its profound benefits. 


Non sleep deep rest (NSDR) is a state of relaxation that goes beyond ordinary sleep. Its a state where your mind and body are completely at ease, allowing you to tap into a well of energy and mental clarity. This extraordinary form of rest boosts cognitive function and creativity. It also helps in reducing stress levels.


My journey to discover non sleep deep rest began under challenging circumstances. I was grappling with the pain due to nerve damage from chemotherapy for late-stage colon cancer. My daily struggle with this pain made it hard to find peace, which is when my therapist, recommended looking into mindfulness and meditation techniques. I was introduced to the Lucia Light through a close friend who had experienced its benefits in Europe. The first time I tried it, the Lucia Light not only offered relaxation but also created a safe space within my body, a haven I hadn’t felt for so long.


Through the Lucia Light and NSDR, I began to feel less on edge, grounding me in the present. It helped me to dissociate less and made my body more relaxed, which in turn made talk therapy more accessible and beneficial.


So, how can you dive into this profound state of rest? Read on to learn more. 


Deeply Relax Without Sleeping


Delving further, NSDR is a relaxation method created by Dr. Andrew Huberman. It’s based on an old guided meditation method from India called yoga nidra. NSDR helps you reach a chiller mindset, like the one you have just before falling asleep. It uses simple relaxation techniques like focusing on your breath and bodily sensations to calm down. This way, your mind gets to rest in a space that’s not sleeping but not fully awake either. It helps you have better control over your awareness and relaxation. On his podcast, Dr. Huberman talk alot about NSDR suggesting it as a way to teach your nervous system to relax, especially post waking up or when recharging is needed.


NSDR is an active way to relax your mind and feel restored. When you reach this state, your body’s relaxation system (parasympathetic nervous system) kicks in, making you feel calmer, slowing your heart rate, and helping digestion, which is the opposite of the fight-or-flight response. Studies have found that yoga nidra, which NSDR is based on, can help with blood sugar levels, red blood cell counts, and even hormone levels. It has also shown to be helpful in easing symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. Research has found changes in brain blood flow and dopamine release during yoga nidra, showing it has a real effect on the nervous system.


Practicing Non Sleep Deep Rest Protocols


NSDR is about relaxing your mind using different methods. While there’s no one way to do it, some steps can help you start:

  1. Find a Guide: It’s good to follow a guided NSDR session when starting. There are many videos and apps with NSDR sessions led by trained people. Find one that works for you to get the most out of this relaxation method. The Lucia Light is an amazing guide (more down below).
  2. Stay in the Moment: Like many relaxation methods, NSDR helps you focus on the now. Keeping your mind on the present helps you reach a relaxed and restful state.
  3. Relax Fully: Make sure you’re comfortable and free from distractions. It helps to lay down in a dark, quiet room. Start by relaxing deeply, which can be done by taking slow, deep breaths, making your exhales longer, and counting.
  4. Try Self-Hypnosis: You can also use self-hypnosis to relax. It helps you focus inward and visualize things in a focused way, helping you relax deeply.
  5. Body Scanning: This is a common relaxation method where you focus on different parts of your body one by one, letting go of any tension. It helps you control how you’re feeling in your body, leading to deep relaxation.

These steps offer a simple guide to start practicing non sleep deep rest protocols and getting your mind to a relaxed state.


How Does the Lucia Light Fit Into NSDR

Additionally, the Lucia Light is a tool that helps you reach a state between being awake and asleep, which can be really relaxing and beneficial for your mind and body. When you’re under the Lucia Light, its flickering lights help guide your brain to a calm and focused state, similar to the feeling you get right before you fall asleep. This is a special moment where you can experience deep rest without actually sleeping. This is what non sleep deep rest (NSDR) is all about.

The Lucia Light acts like a guide, helping you stay in the moment, which can be really refreshing and healing. This light can also help activate your body’s “rest and digest” mode, which is a part of your nervous system that helps you calm down, slow your heart rate, and improve digestion. It’s the opposite of the “fight or flight” mode we might feel when we’re stressed or scared. There’s even scientific evidence showing how the Lucia Light can help your brain slow down. EEG tests show that under the Lucia Light, people’s brain waves slow down, resembling deep sleep states.

The first time I tried a Lucia Light session, the peace I felt was almost surreal. It was a tranquil journey inward, a kind of restfulness that was different from sleep. I could feel a gentle wave of relaxation wash over me and the ease in my thought process was noticeable. Plus, the color was incredible. I’d never seen anything like it. 



Benefits of Practicing Non Sleep Deep Rest Protocols:


NSDR helps your brain and body work better by starting healing processes that can improve your daily life. Here are some benefits of NSDR:

  1. Better Thinking and Memory: – NSDR can help your brain rewire itself, a process known as neuroplasticity, which is crucial for learning and memory. Though this usually happens during deep sleep, NSDR can also trigger it by bringing your brain waves to a sleep-like state. This helps in improving thinking, learning, and memory.
  1. Stress Relief: – The relaxing methods used in NSDR bring a deep calm, helping to ease stress. This practice also activates a part of your nervous system that helps your body stay relaxed, aiding in rest and healing.
  1. Better Sleep: – Dr. Huberman mentions that NSDR helps manage sleep problems by teaching you how to slow down your thoughts and relax, making it easier to fall asleep. The activation of the relaxing part of your nervous system also helps in this.
  1. Increased Focus:  – NSDR helps replenish certain brain chemicals like dopamine, which is essential for staying motivated, focused, and clear-headed. More dopamine can help you stay on track with your goals and think clearly.
  1. Pain Management: – Traditional meditation techniques, including breathwork and body scanning which are part of NSDR, have been known to help manage pain. It helps by shifting your focus away from discomfort or accepting and dealing with the pain.
  1. Better Fitness Performance: – NSDR can also support your fitness goals. Dr. Huberman shared in a podcast that NSDR helps him, especially when he’s stressed or didn’t sleep well. It helps to restore energy for workouts. Even a short 10-minute session can provide the rest and energy needed for a successful workout, improving both mental and physical performance.


Basically, What I’m Saying is This


The Lucia Light is a game-changer when it comes to practicing non sleep deep rest protocols. It helps guide your brain into a calm, focused state, making the NSDR experience easier and more effective. The science-backed Lucia Light slows down your brain waves, similar to what happens in deep sleep or meditation, aiding in achieving that relaxed state we aim for in NSDR.

I had a remarkable experience the first time I tried a Lucia Light session back in 2017. The calmness and mental clarity I felt were undeniable. Plus, the visuals were unique and mesmerizing. This tool is not just about relaxation; it’s about enhancing your NSDR practice, making it simpler and more enjoyable.

If you’re keen to explore how the Lucia Light can boost your NSDR practice, I’m here to help. You can book a demo directly with me or through my website here. And if you’re curious to try some yoga nedra or non sleep deep press protocols, click this link.